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Formal Valuation

Formal Valuation

Sandhusons Properties is a team of RICS Registered Valuers who possess the qualifications to conduct valuations in accordance with the esteemed RICS Global Valuation Standards. Our expertise extends to providing comprehensive reports on a wide range of properties, including terraced houses, shops, factories, paddocks, high-value investment portfolios, farms, and development land.

As Registered Valuers, we strictly adhere to the professional standards set by RICS and follow the guidelines outlined in the publication RICS Global Valuation Standards, formerly referred to as the "Red Book." This ensures that our valuations are conducted with meticulous inspection, investigation, and analysis, maintaining a standard of clarity that withstands the test of time and can be referred to and understood in the future.

Our valuation services cater to various purposes, including tax planning, inheritance tax or capital gains tax matters, transferring assets into a SIPP pension fund, property sales involving charities as outlined in the Charities Act, divorce proceedings or other legal disputes, and resolutions through mediation or arbitration. Additionally, we offer valuations for secured lending purposes.

We represent a diverse range of clients, including private individuals, trusts, companies, local authorities, pension funds, solicitors, courts, and charities. Our approach to conducting a "Red Book" valuation entails confirming instructions and valuation requirements, including any caveats, reservations, and assumptions, which are documented in a Terms of Engagement letter. This letter, signed by all parties, becomes an integral part of the valuation report. We also ensure that there is no conflict of interest before proceeding with the inspection and measurement of the property, supported by comprehensive photographic documentation.

Additionally, we conduct further research on relevant matters that may impact the property, such as planning permissions, land designations, contamination concerns, title and tenure details, and rights of way, among others. Gathering, analyzing, and recording comparable data of recently sold or leased properties in the area is a crucial part of our valuation process. Through meticulous valuation calculations, we assess current or historic market values and produce a concise report that can be delivered electronically or as a bound document.

At Sandhusons Properties, we go beyond the production of valuation reports by taking the time to fully comprehend our clients' unique situations and valuation requirements. We understand that the need for a valuation often forms part of a broader matter, which frequently involves close collaboration with the client's legal and tax advisors to ensure the successful achievement of their objectives.

Given the significance of our valuations and the depth of information required to support our value opinions, we do levy charges for our services. However, we consistently monitor our fee structure to ensure that we offer a highly competitive pricing scheme. As a gesture of goodwill for your ongoing support with your property project, we provide attractive discount packages when our valuation leads to additional instructions, such as a subsequent property sale or engaging us for property letting and management services.

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