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Information for Landlords

Information for Landlords

Whether you're a new landlord or dissatisfied with the costly and subpar service provided by other high street estate agents, we encourage you to speak with Sandhusons Properties. We are confident that our professional approach to property lettings will immediately demonstrate the benefits. With our Chartered Surveying background and RICS qualifications, we uphold the highest standards in the industry, which are reflected in the exceptional service levels experienced by all our landlords.

What makes Sandhusons Properties stand out and why should you trust us with your rental property?

Full Management - Our "simplicity" management package entails landlords paying a competitive monthly commission while rent is being received. We do not charge marketing fees, set-up costs, registration or renewal fees, or any hidden/additional fees that may be imposed later. During rent collection, we retain our commission and forward the remaining rent proceeds to you.

Deposits - We do not offer "No Deposit" options. Reports in the industry indicate that these options fail to ensure that outgoing tenants leave the property in excellent condition. Instead, we hold a "cash" deposit fund equal to 5 weeks' rent in our account and provide guidance on deposit return at the end of the tenancy.

Holding Deposits - We believe it is crucial to find the right tenant for you, and unlike many agents, we do not operate on a first-come, first-served basis when selecting tenants. The first person to view the property may not necessarily be the best option for you. Therefore, we do not accept Holding Deposits, as it restricts you to the first person who pays the holding charge, potentially overlooking better candidates for your property.

Contractor Referrals - When we engage tradesmen to work on your behalf, we do not accept any commission or hidden kickbacks for assigning the job. This results in lower maintenance costs for you.

Mid-Term Renewals - According to tenancy law, at the end of the fixed term, all Assured Shorthold Tenancies continue on a statutory periodic month-to-month basis. While some agents charge additional fees to landlords for unnecessary mid-term tenancy renewals, we allow our agreements to transition to a Housing Act rolling monthly format.

At Sandhusons Properties, we always prioritize your best interests and those of your rental property. We offer highly competitive commission rates and strive to alleviate the stress associated with property rental.

Please feel free to contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation discussion at +447515124365

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